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Once again, GoFlagFootball.com leads the way to innovative and superior products. We continually research and develop new ways to improve the game of flag football, and help build your team to championship status.

After reviewing our products we are confident you can see the difference in quality, experience, and integrity of the products we offer. We invite you to shop the competition and return to us knowing that you are making the best purchase for your time and money.

The most complete and comprehensive

playbooks available!


   101 Diagrammed Plays

    l 10 Offense formations

    l 10 Plays per formation

    l 10 "Ready for the Field"TM Playsheets

     1   Bonus Play


   5 Defensive formations

     l   Including blitz options


Fully diagrammed and color coded

100% downloadable & printable

Each Playbook is unique and original. The plays are different for every style. These plays are also different from other playbooks we offer!

4-on-4 Style of flag football: 

5-on-5 Style of flag football:

6-on-6 Style of flag football:

7-on-7 Style of flag football:

8-on-8 Style of flag football:

5-on-5 Youth flag football:

7-on-7 Youth flag football:   

e-book 4

e-book 5

e-book 6

e-book 7

e-book 8

e-book Y5

e-book Y7


Youth Flag Football

Coach Pack


-Youth Playbook

-Youth Training Manual


-2 Wristcoach Armbands

-Lanyard & Whistle

Youth 5-on-5

Youth 7-on-7




Instant Download, Printable, & Animated!

Your #1 source for game winning

championship playbooks.

As a special way to say "thank you" for making our playbooks national best sellers, we are offering our animated playbooks at the best price! You will not find a better flag football playbook at this price. Click the links below for details.

4-on-4 Style of flag football: Montra 4I

5-on-5 Style of flag football: Montra 5I

7-on-7 Style of flag football: Montra 7I

8-on-8 Style of flag football: Montra 8I

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