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7-on-7 e-Flag Football Manual

The 7-on-7 e-Flag Football Manual is a downloadable pdf file. Each page of the manual is 100% printable. The offense and defensive diagrams are in full color so it is easy to read each line-up. The plays are designed on a football grid so each player can see where he or she needs to be.

Third year best seller!

This playbook includes 120 pages of detailed flag football information, including over 60 diagrammed plays with play sequence and player responsibilities. Each play is illustrated on a football field grid so your team can see how the play should appear and where each player should be located. All the players can visualize how the play works.

Detailed defensive line-ups are also illustrated. These illustration display the coverage area of each player and his or her corresponding responsibilities. Helpful tips describe when each line-up should be used.

The Go Flag Football Playbook was written to cover all aspects of the game, from beginner to advanced levels. Key points include:A "Ready-for-the-Field"TM playsheet. Take this sheet directly from the playbook to the field Over 60 diagrammed plays Illustrations on a football field grid with player responsibilities Tips for when each play works best and against what type of defense Pass routes and techniques Rules and regulations Practice drills (pitching, flag pulling, pass routes, and more) Defensive line-ups Special teams line-ups

Plays are illustrated for 7-person and 8-person, but can be adapted to any style of play. Purchase Go Flag Football directly from author. Learn the secrets to flag football plays that WIN GAMES! These plays have been proven to bring teams to CHAMPIONSHIPS! Ask us about quantity discounts when purchasing for entire leagues or teams.