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With many websites and playbooks available, how do you choose the right one?


1.     Shop around and research websites.

After you watch different vendor websites for a few days, you can quickly tell who is just starting and who has the experience to offer quality products. Many websites will offer the same types of products but will lack on the quality. They will offer "x" amount of plays, but the reality is that you will get the same play(s) it will just be shown to give the ball  to different players each time.

2.     Avoid websites claiming to have created a playbook because no other playbooks were available.

An author with a claim like this usually indicates that he or she is new to the game. Flag football has been around for more than 50 years and there are literally thousands of websites available. Finding information about the game is easier than ever.

3.     One play does not solve it all!

Avoid solutions or playbooks that offer one play at a time. A great play may be successful once, but maybe not twice against the same opponent. If a defense gets burned on a specific play, you can bet they will recognize the play the next time you try to run it. A good offense is based on a well-rounded collection of plays and strategies.

4.     For beginners, look for playbooks featuring illustrations and explanations or descriptions of each play.

Many playbooks on the internet contain diagrams only. Some contain page after page of only text describing the play. The critical part of any playà³µccess is each player knowing his or her responsibility, which can be accomplished through a good combination of visual aids and descriptions.

Many playbooks fall short of describing the responsibility of each player during the play. A good illustration, explanation, and description of the play are necessary for success.

An illustration-only scenario is ideal for reviewing a play during a game when each player has practiced and is familiar with his role, but this is not sufficient when learning how the play works.

5.     Do your homework and shop around.

Championship teams owe their records to several offensive strategies. The success of your team will come from finding the right style based on the abilities of each player. It may take several playbooks and training manuals to find the right fit for your players.

6.     Ask questions.

If the description of the book does not provide enough information for you to determine if it will be an effective tool for your team, call or e-mail the seller. Ask specific questions to make sure you know what you are getting and how their information can help your players succeed.

GoFlagFootball.com has been providing championship playbooks for over 7 years. Purchase our playbooks with the confidence that you will receive quality products that will help your team win! Our goal is to educate new players about the sport of flag football, increase the skills of established players, and expand relationships throughout the flag football community.

We are players as well, so we understand the fine points of flag football. We have been playing for over 21 years and look forward to offering our expertise to enhancing this sport for others. We continually research and refine our playbooks by putting them to the test. Most of all, we hope to encourage new and experienced players to strap on a flag and go have some fun.


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