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5-on-5 e-Flag Football Manual




PRODUCT:      5-on-5 e-Flag Football Manual


OUR PRICE:     $19.99

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101 Individual Flag Football Plays for 5-on-5

Strategically organized into 10 Formations

Each formation includes:

  • 10 unique plays (4 long, 4 short, 2 goal line)

  • 1 塤y for the Field羚nt>TM playsheet

  • Color coded players

  • Diagrammed plays on football field

Your team can pick a favorite formation, print the playsheet, and head to the field. Or, you can mix and match the plays for a random offense that will keep the defense guessing.

5 Championship Defensive Strategies

Block your opponent௦fense with these 5 formations.

<>Each defense includes:

  • Description of each playerࡲea

  • When it works best

  • Color coded players and coverage areas

Some defensive formations offer ways to disguise a blitz. This can prevent the apposing team from recognizing your defense.

The 5-on-5 e-Flag Football Manual is a downloadable pdf file. Each page of the manual is 100% printable. The offense and defensive diagrams are in full color so it is easy to read each line-up. <>The plays are designed on a football grid so each player can see where he or she needs to be.

MONTRA 5I Offensive Plays

PRODUCT:      Montra 5I Offensive Playbook


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<>      Printable Playsheet!

This is the MONTRA-5I Offensive strategy for flag football. The Montra 5I series is for 5-on-5 flag football. These plays were strategically designed to condense the defense and create never before seen play action. Each of the offensive line-ups use a similar basic concept, but employ slight variations to prevent the defense from recognizing plays.


This product features ten plays of the MONTRA-5I series. You can DOWNLOAD the MS PowerPoint Show electronic file within MINUTES of purchase.PRINT the playsheet anytime you wish. 

 This is a menu-driven presentation that allows the user to view each play, look at different options for each play, and read detailed instructions for each player on the offense.  <>Each play is ANIMATED so you are able to visualize how the play should be successfully run. The plays are designed on a football grid so each player can see where he or she needs to be. Some plays will show multiple options of how the play can work, depending on how the defense reacts.


What is included:


  • Electronic MS PowerPoint Show file.

  • Ten high impact and successful plays.

  • A schematic for each play detailing each playerಥsponsibilities.

  • An animation of each play to see it in action.

  • Variations on some plays, to provide different scenarios.

  • <> Guided menus to easily review each play.


Computer System Requirements:

  • You must be running on Windows 2000 or greater platform.

  • Must be able to download or receive e-mail files 2.0MB or less.

Please Note: <> The Powerpoint Show file is <>now <> equipped with printing capabilities. <>You can print a "playsheet" with all ten plays. <> If you want the plays in<> other<> printed format<>s,see our Laminated Playsheets.


If you need this file mailed to you, we can burn it to a CD and mail. Please e-mail us for additional arrangements and shipping/handling costs.

MONTRA 5I Laminated Playsheets



PRODUCT:      Montra 5I Laminated Play Sheets


OUR PRICE:     $9.99

Need help during game time? Looking for plays with detailed instructions? Go Flag Football has you "Ready-for-the-Field"TM with our Montra 5I laminated play sheets.


This product includes Two FULL COLOR laminated play sheets. Each play sheet has 10 Plays of the Montra 5I Offense.

  • The first sheet has 5 plays on the front and 5 on the back. The plays are illustrated in easy to read format. This sheet is ready to take directly onto the field during game time.

  • The second sheet has each play illustrated but we include very detailed instructions on the responsibility of each player. This sheet is designed to use during practice, but you can also use it during a game.

Diagrammed play sheet.

Diagrammed plays sheet with instructions.
The lamination is very thin so you can fold each play sheet if you choose.

Wrist Coach Armband - Montra 5I


PRODUCT:      Wrist Coach Armband - Montra 5I


OUR PRICE:     $9.99

<> Need help during game time? Looking for plays with detailed instructions? Go Flag Football has you "Ready-for-the-Field"TM with our Wrist Coach Armband.

This product is designed for 5 -on- 5 style of play and includes an Adult size wrist coach armband. The plays included are the 10 Plays of the Montra 5I Offense. Each play is in color and clearly shows each player's responsibility. The viewing area is 4" wide x 2 1/2" high.


As usual, Go Flag Football has added extra features. We have categorized each play for quick reference. In the viewing area, there is a quick reference chart for pass plays, pitch plays, run plays, and short yardage plays. This way, when you are in a hurry on the field, you can find certain types of plays quickly.


This item is designed for game time, but we realize success comes before the games during practice. That is why we also include an 8 1/2" x 11" black and white play sheet. This play sheet has the diagram of all 10 plays and includes detail descriptions of each players responsibilities. This is extremely helpful during practice.


The <> <> Wrist Coach Armband - Montra 5I includes:

  • Wrist Coach Armband

  • Color diagrams of the Montra 5I plays

  • Each play categorized for even quicker reference

  • 8 1/2" x 11" black and white detail instruction sheet

<> Diagrammed plays sheet with instructions.


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