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< size="3">"Someone grab the FLAG-BAG" 

< size="1">Keeping up with your flag football equipment just go easier!




PRODUCT:      Flag <>Bag<>TM

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OUR PRICE:     $29.95


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Flag BagTM <>with 12 RED & 12 BLUE flag belts.


Flag BagTM <>with 12 <>RED & 12 YELLOW flag belts.


Flag BagTM <>with 12 <>BLUE <>& 12 YELLOW <>flag belts.

Flag BagTM <>with 12 YELLOW & 12 <>GREEN <>flag belts.


Th<>e Flag BagTM shoulder pack keeps your equipment in one place and ready to go. The shoulder straps allow you to wear like a back pack or hold with your hands. Easy to grab and go when you are in a hurry.

  • <>Heavy nylon with water proof backing

  • <>Size: 14" x 18"

  • <>Drawstring closure

  • <>Color is Navy


With the Flag BagTM you also get 

<>24 flag football belts. 


  • Quick release velcro flags.

  • Two flags per belt. 

  • Safe design for all ages. 

  • 4 flag colors to choose from.



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