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Flag Football Apparel and Gear.


Go Flag Football is dedicated to the sport. As such, we have developed our own line 

of sport apparel, gear, and equipment specifically for flag football. We also carry

existing equipment. Check out these great products below.



PRODUCT:  Set of 18 Triple Threat Belts



plus $8.95 s/h

Product Details:
New and improved with heavier weight vinyl flags and reinforced stitching, the Triple Threat Flag Football Belt is built to last. Each belt is adjustable with a quick release clip so the entire belt comes when a flag is pulled. The flags are available in four colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.


  • Youth size fits 25"-31"

  • Adult size fits 32"- 39"

  • Adult Extra Large size fits 40"- 48"




  • New quick release clip

  • One piece design

  • Belt will release when any of the three attached flags are pulled

  • 4 colors to choose from Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

  • *Please include the colors and sizes you would like when placing the order.



    PRODUCT:  Set of 24 Velcro Flag Belts



    plus $8.95 s/h

    Product Details:
    Each belt is a 1" wide nylon web belt that is 48" long and can be adjusted to fit any waist up size to 46". Each belt also has 2 flags that attach to the belt with Velcro. This set includes 24 flag sets (24 nylon belts and 48 flags).

    The flags for each belt are available in four colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. 

    Product Operation: 

    The belt will stay attached to each person. The flags are pulled off from the velcro attachment. This signifies that the play is over. Safe for all ages of players. 



    • One size fits all up to 46" waist. 

    • The belts can also be trimmed down if necessary. 


    • Quick release velcro flags.

    • Two flags per belt. 

    • Safe design for all ages. 

    • 4 colors to choose from.


    *Please include the colors you would like when placing the order.


    PRODUCT:  Flag Football Jerseys

    PRODUCT ID: 006FFJ-Jersey
    OUR PRICE: Email for Details


    Custom Design for flag football!


    No longer are we forced to use jerseys made for football pads. Go Flag Football has designed a jersey that removes all of the extra material so they jerseys have a snug fit. 


    Play in comfort. These jerseys are designed with solid polyester top and small mesh polyester bottom. Full length so they will stay tucked in.


    For one low price you get:

    • One Jersey

    • Team Name on Back with 2" Letters

    • 8" Numbers on Front and Back

    Jersey are solid colors. Choose from the following: Navy, blue, white, gold, green.....


    Choose your letters and numbers style.



    Found exclusively at goflagfootball.com.





    PRODUCT:  Flag Football Scorebook

    PRODUCT ID: 007FF-Scorebook
    OUR PRICE: $9.95


    Designed by the pro's, this scorebook allows you to track your team's statistic and scout your opponents. This scorebook includes 25 game offense and defense statistics log, 10 scouting sheets, team roster, and scoring instructions.


    This scorebook will help you see which plays are getting better results, how many plays per game you are running, and how your defense is performing.


    Found exclusively at goflagfootball.com.

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    PRODUCT:  Wrist Coach Armband

    PRODUCT ID: 007FWC-Black
    OUR PRICE: $6.95

    Specially designed black armband with game plan compartments. Allows communication between players and Coaches.


    Viewing window: 

    Approx. 4 1/2" w x 2 1/2" h



    PRODUCT:  Wrist Coach Armband - Triple View

    PRODUCT ID: 007WC61-Black
    OUR PRICE: $12.95

    Specially designed black armband with clear plastic TRIPLE viewing windows. Great for keeping your plays with you on the field.


    Each viewing window: 

    Approx. 4 1/2" w x 2 1/2" h



    PRODUCT:  Flag Football T-Shirt

    PRODUCT ID: 007FFT-Shirt
    OUR PRICE: $12.95


    Do  you love the game of Flag Football?

    Then this t-shirt is for you!!!


    Show your support by sporting this generic flag football t-shirt. It is designed for long wear and comfortable fit.


    This is the perfect gift idea for any sport fan.

    • This t-shirt is dark blue with white silk screen of the front and back.
    • The front reads "Flag Football Player"
    • The back has Go Flag Football logo at the top.
    • This auction is for 1 (one) t-shirt. You can choose the size you want from: Medium, Large, OR X-Large.
    • If you need more than one, we can fill any order.
    • The t-shirt brand is Champion, 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

    Found exclusively at goflagfootball.com.



    PRODUCT:  Go Flag Football Sports Cap

    PRODUCT ID: 007AH1-Adult
    OUR PRICE: $14.95

    Adult size kacki sport cap. One size fits all with adjustable back strap. HeadShots model by KC Caps. Go Flag Football embroidered on the front.


    A great way to bring attention to the sport and your league.


    Found exclusively at goflagfootball.com.


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