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Go Flag Football proves each year why we are the number 1 flag football playbook source. To stay current with technology and convenience, we have developed flag football playbooks for multimedia devices.

We have taken our e-flag football manuals and converted them to ebook format. You can then sync these photos to your iPod or other multimedia devices.

  • Download one Zip File with the photos included

  • 101 offensive plays as jpg photos

  • 5 defensive formations as jpg photos

  • Clear play design

  • On field layouts

  • View a clear picture of each image on your device

  • Print any of the image you prefer from your computer

Use your multi media device to quickly view and share each photo.

Each Playbook is unique and original. The plays are different for every style. These plays are also different from other playbooks we offer!

We have developed uPlaysTM for the following styles of Play:

PRODUCT:        4-on-4 uPlays

PRODUCT ID:   007UPlays4

OUR PRICE:     $24.95


PRODUCT:        5-on-5 uPlays

PRODUCT ID:   007UPlays5

OUR PRICE:     $24.95



PRODUCT:        5-on-5 YOUTH uPlays 


OUR PRICE:     $19.95


The Youth playbook has 20 offensive plays



PRODUCT:        6-on-6 uPlays

PRODUCT ID:   007UPlays6

OUR PRICE:     $24.95



PRODUCT:        7-on-7 uPlays

PRODUCT ID:   007UPlays7

OUR PRICE:     $24.95

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PRODUCT:        8-on-8 uPlays

PRODUCT ID:   007UPlays8

OUR PRICE:     $24.95


These ebook products are downloaded as one ZIP file. You must have the Win Zip program in order to unzip the file. When you unzip the file, it will load the over 100 photos to  a directory on your computer. You can then use your multimedia software to load/sync the photos into your multimedia device.


Go Flag Football does not support hardware or software for your multimedia device. You will need to refer to your manual or manufacturer for support.


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