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GRIDLINES Universal Offense


PRODUCT:      GRIDlines Universal Offense Playbook

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The GRIDlinesTM Universal Offense System for flag football is designed to work with any style of play. This manual demonstrates how the system applies to the different styles, from 4-on-4 to 8-on-8. This concept is applied in the same manner to all styles of play.



Go Flag Football has created this one of a kind universal offense system to simplify any offense. It will eliminate the need for a huddle and create quick play action to confuse any defense. The plays are called while the offense is on the line of scrimmage. This system if perfect for the "hurry-up" offense when you need to score quickly. 



The GRIDlinesTM Universal Offense System can be applied to any age group starting at 8 years of age and up. 


Easy implementation for any offense. Difficult for your opponents defense to read or de-code.



This is a downloadable playbook file in pdf format.


The GRIDlinesTM playbook includes:


        Basic formations and play calling

        Advanced play calling techniques

        Alternative Grid designs

        18 full color instructional pages

        Full color diagrams with each set of instructions

        Sample plays




This system is based on verbal communication from the quarterback to each player. This system would have to be modified with hand signals to be applicable for the hearing impaired. 



Apply the GRIDlinesTM system as your main offensive structure, or use it in addition to your existing offense. It is the perfect way to keep your team on top.



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